In a new survey which was carried by Pew, it shows that the teens are limiting the use of technology and they have started to ditched Facebook. This new report shows that the there is a huge decrease in the use of social media platforms like Facebook.

The study which was first done in the year 2015 shows that about 71 percent of 13-17-year-olds had said that they are using Facebook and half of them admitted to using Instagram and 41 percent Snapchat. In this 2018 survey, the numbers have fallen shockingly. It shows now teens about 51 percent of teens, and they use Facebook, while Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat now leading among the young age group. It said that about 85 percent of US teens use YouTube and 72 percent use Instagram and about 69 percent use Snapchat.

YouTube and Snapchat had taken the lead, and in pulling about a third of respondents, each and 15 percent said that they had used Instagram most often. It said that only 10 percent has mentioned about Facebook as the most visited social media site while Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit are just 3 percent, less than 1 percent, and 1 percent respectively.

According to the Monica Anderson, who is the lead author of the report said, since some years back teens use social media which revolved around Facebook, but today their habits revolve less around the single platform. The report also shows that the about 31 percent said that it has a positive effect and 24 percent feel that it has a negative effect. The rest 45 percent said that they don’t think social media had a positive or negative impact.

It is seen that twice as many teens remain online constantly, but it is hard to say that when they are truly offline. Teens usually don’t look at their phones all the day, but they check for some time to look for some messages or some other stuff on social media. Gaming is still get dominated by males, and about 83 percent of teen girls now said that also playing games. In future, this number may get closer to each other.

As per Pew, it has found that 95 percent of teens have smartphones as compared to 2015 in which only 73 percent have smartphones. The study was conducted with the involvement of 1058 parents and 73 teens which is between March 7th and April 10th 2018.


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