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Apple is said to be relented and let the encrypted text and voice service Telegram to proceed with an update to make the app compliant with the New GDPR privacy protections of Europe. It had come just after some days when CEO Pavel Durov accused Apple that it was preventing Telegram from releasing the updates worldwide.

It is now a couple of months since Russia has banned the popular app called Telegram across the country. This may allow you to think that it will affect Telegram users in the Kremlin-run nation but it is not the case, and Russia-wide ban has alleged that Apple is blocking the Telegram updates for its services. But, finally, Apple has allowed the app to push through updates which will make the app compliant with the new GDPR privacy laws.

Pavel Durov has thanked Apple and its CRO Tim Cook on Friday in its official Twitter account for letting them deliver the latest version of Telegram to millions of users despite being in some recent setbacks. A telegram has refused to release its encryption keys to the nation’s Federal Security Service (FSB) which was asked under the anti-terror laws which are passed in the year 2016. In April, Russian courts have ordered the service to be blocked nationwide, and the authorities then started to try to block millions of IP addresses which are associated with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Servers.

The result that was experienced by the Russian internet users was mass website outrages which are though both Google and Amazon seemed to had enough and then blocked a domain-fronting technique Telegram and other chat service used to evade the bans.

Durov said in a statement that “Apple has been preventing Telegram from updating its iOS apps globally ever since the Russian authorities ordered Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store, and Russia has made only 7 percent of Telegrams userbase.”

As per the Verge, Apple did not seem to have complied with the authorities who have claimed that it is a legally binding order to remove the Telegram from the Russian version of the App Store which is within a month. The head of Russian communication regulator Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, said that they have sent Apple a legally binding letter and are now waiting for their reply.


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