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Here we are going to discussing the newest iPhone devices that are going to introduce by the company in the year of 2020. It is to be said that Apple has many changes to enhance the features of the device and give the user a soothing experience. According to some reports, the things that are disclosed are that Apple is upgrading its new MacBook keyboard and also its processor. While some of the rumors are saying that Apple again going to reintroduce the TouchID in its new gadgets. Many things in the latest WWDC meet of the previous week that revealed many hints about the upcoming upgrades will be announced in the next developers’ conference.

A lot of rumor that Apple is going to rebuild the TouchID in the new devices, but this time there is an in-screen fingerprint scanner that will work as bio-metrics make your iPhone more secured than before. It is also confirmed by the latest patent that the company is re-introducing the TouchID in the upcoming device, but along with this, it is also been said that the changes will take time.

According to the latest patent, issued in Patently Apple, that describes how the new fingerprint scanner will work in the device and how it detected and feed in it even without having a physical home button in it. The company is planning to add a pinhole camera behind the screen of the phone that could able to detect the position of the finger more likely to a 3D map no matter where you placing your finger. It is not like that, Apple is removing FaceID in the devices TouchID will work as an additional or we can say supplementary access to your device that makes your iPhone more protected and secure.

As seen in the recent pictures, seems like Apple is already far in their development process, but the mass production of the product will not start until 2020 as it is just a working prototype. Some of the rumors also defining that Apple is coming with the 5G connectivity technology with the new iPhones as Qualcomm is providing the 5G chips.

We will also witness the major changes of the new iPhone 11 including three camera array on the back and reverse wireless charging. Now Apple also bringing back its TouchID with an in-screen scanner works as a supplementary bio-metric identification attract and tempt the user to upgrade with the new iPhone.

Image Source: Neowin

Apple also upgraded its MacBook this year by making some major changes and alteration with the keyboard and processor that make a positive and soothing impact on the users. After getting confused with their last models, now the company is powering its device with the Inter’s ninth-generation core i7 and Core i9 CPU made them more powerful and quicker than ever before. It is coming in both versions of six-core and eight-core considered as the most powerful ever.

Apple is again using its traditional butterfly technique in its upcoming laptops but some new technology and elements are adding for the better results. Now Apple is saying it solves the problems with the new devices that occurring in the previous models. Apple is still unclear about the details and upgrading material that added with the new keyboard. But according to the report published by iFixit, that is revealing about the mechanism and material about the alteration of the keyboard. In the given report, it is to be said that a silicon layer has fixed under each key that helps in preventing dust and other particles. The report also describes the metal dome by that the key pops up back when get pressed. It is getting hard to understand even after the complete teardown that how these changes make the performance of the keyboard better than before.

This is not the first time that Apple is trying to fix the issue of the keyboards. On the same day, the company introduced the new MacBook Pros, with the expanded Keyboard service program to fix the issues of MacBooks from 2015 onwards, the repair program of the company boosted up and giving a better and fast response to the user. The main reason behind that is to provide better results to the users.

Apple implements its Butterfly technology in the year of 2015 before it Apple was using its previous traditional mechanism that is known as scissor. After the scissor mechanism company switched to Butterfly keyboard. The new solution applied with the 12-inch Retina MacBook and empowered the company to make thinner devices that before that are also congenial according to the users. But after some problems and issues started occurring and users started complaining about the unresponsive keys and sticking keys. A particular letter or character repeating without performing any action or the key just get flat-out and unable to type.

After the year of experiments and to detect the issue the company finally admit the existence of truth in the last year of June that issue is occurring in a very small percentage of keyboards and that also offered free repairs from the company. But the gives assurance to fix the repairs including first generation and second generation keyboards that were taking the time of a week to repair. Now the company has set a repair program for a keyboard that also includes the third generation keyboards and also for the newest MacBooks. The facility of refund for those users who already paid for repair provided by Apple.

The company has sent the official invitation to the developers for the developers meet, as every developer conference of Apple takes place in the first week of June. Now the upcoming conference is going to take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose on 3 June at 10 am.

At the place, the company mostly introduces its new software updates for iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and TVOS and without any expectations this year. But all the details are still unclear from the company that made the invite crucial. Apple always comes with a lot of surprises and always leaves a lot of clues and hints regarding their new launches as recently Pattric Hollan who is the editor of CNET discussed the clue that Apple left regarding iOS and MacOS updates. It is for sure that Apple is going to disclose much more at the developers’ conference and we have to wait for the conference to get to know about the exact announcements that are going to make by the company. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.



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