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Let’s get one thing clear if you are looking for the best Android security suites the best Malware scanning software on the internet; you are certainly in the right place.

People who closely study the Android devices and its software, it is recommended not to use those types of apps at all. The Malware for Android is certainly not the massive Real world thread which is usually made out to be. The Google Play protects, and other native android features are sufficient enough to keep the most of the devices safe and secure.

However, there are certain Areas where the third party apps can be valuable for your Android security. They are certainly not about fighting the theoretical dangerous and more about protecting your data and accounts. These actions certainly help in enhancing the privacy and security of your Android devices as well as the apps.

Managing your passwords with LastPass Password Manager

If you think your password is not that important, you are wrong. The passwords are the gatekeepers of your digital life. It is up to you to make sure that they are properly weaponed. A good Password Manager will make your work easy while creating and maintaining strong and unique passwords for whatsoever numbers of apps, websites, and services you use.

Protecting your accounts with 2FA

Other than using strong and unique passwords, the best way to keep your online accounts safe and protected is using two-factor authentication everywhere possible. The two-factor authentication required you to get a second form of identifying information such as a code that you get created by an app on your phone along with your primary password making it substantially more strong and difficult for a burglar to get into your account.

Make your connection secure with NordVPN

VPNs or virtual private networks can be substantially more effective in keeping earphone based data transmission more private and secure. This is important and necessary at the same time especially when you are using public Wi-Fi networks that are notorious and can let outsiders speak out and see all sorts of sensitive information that you have on your smartphones.

If you want to avoid having your history, side data, cookies, and cache saved, you will certainly have to open incognito Windows manually or go through the app settings to clear the data whenever you want it.


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