Environmental Defense Fund, methane, satellite

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a US environmental group announced about its plan to launch a detection satellite that will detect leakage of greenhouse gas such as methane from the oil and gas industry installations which is damaging our environmental drastically.

The satellite, named as MethaneSAT, will be funded by private donations and is expected to offer public information for the oil firms, investors and any other person involved in evaluating methane emissions and control the environmental damage the greenhouse gas is causing.

Methane, Satellite

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is produced due to several human activities which in turn makes the environment warm. Mainly created by the oil and gas industries, the other source of methane emissions are rice field, humanmade wells, and wetlands. Moreover, over 75 million metric tons of methane is mixed with the environment which has become a matter of great concern for the researchers working for EDF and so, the decision to develop the MethaneSAT satellite has been taken. According to EDF, the latest developments in the data and sensor analytics and the falling price of sending spacecraft to space has now made it possible for the researchers to come up with such a methane detection project at the cost of tens of millions rather than hundreds of millions of dollars.

The environmental group feels that the money required from the donors for the project can be safeguarded in time which will enable the launch of the satellite by as early as 2021.
The MethaneSAT is said to be one of the best satellites to detect methane emission in the environment as it will have the capability to determine methane concentration at a time across the entire world, will give high-resolution picture quality and will be very fast to detect the problem. The satellite will be able to provide most reliable as well as transparent data that will be helpful for fixing the current environmental issues.


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