Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia has experienced about five near death like situations. This is due to the severe stress in a warmer and acidic ocean which has been experienced for the last 30,000 years.  

The new study which has done by the researchers shows that the Great Barrier Reef has taken thousands of years to recover and now this may again happen today. They also reveal the shifting of the boundaries over the geological time. The study suggests that the reef can become more resilient than once thought and it has never faced any type of onslaught quite as severe as today.

According to the Jody Webster, who is from the University of Sydney and also the co-authored the paper in the journal Nature Geoscience said, “I have grave concerns about the ability of the reef in its current form to survive the pace of change caused by the many current stresses and those projected into the near future.” The research team has found that the reef has shifted along the sea floor so that I can deal with the environment which is withering seaward or landward and also depends on the level of the ocean rising or falling.

The scientists have continuously searched about the Barrier Reef existence during the ice age and as per Joby Webster, who is the marine geologist at the University of Sydney in Australia and also the lead author of the study known as “ We were able to find it.” The researchers said that the reef could not keep up with the changing sea levels, but they concluded that the Reef has nearly died for five times. From the five times, the reef has experienced this for two times during the cooldown of the last ice age and falling sea levels expose the corals to air. And rest three times occurred when the glacier melts rapidly. As a result, the sea levels rise quickly. In a study which was based on fossil data from the cores, they determined that the Reef can migrate between 20 cm and 1.5 meters per year.

This new research was named as “Yet another reminder,” and it is about the things that we are doing with ocean and it is going to have dramatic consequences and this time reef will not bounce back quickly.


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