Magnetic Field, Earth

In a research, it was found out that the magnetic field of the Earth has never been changed in the past. The decrease in the strength of the Earth’s geomagnetic field has raised questions about the area might get flip which will make magnetic north and south reverse.

Earth’s magnetic field is generated in Earth’s liquid iron outer core and help in protecting the Earth’s surface from harmful solar radiation. This magnetic field gets varied at different times throughout the geological history, and the changes mark the change in effect in the deep Earth. In this type of changes, the strength of the field decreases and the magnetic poles get flip.

A study which was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on April 30th, in which researchers has compared the current magnetic field which is created by the churning of the Earth’s core. The findings suggested that the today’s pattern which was existed in the past 50,000 years.

The Earth’s global magnetic field which was present tens of millions of years ago was reconstructed. When a rock is formed from the deposit of sediment or volcanic eruptions, the magnetic field influence about the small particles of the magnetic materials line-up which are present in the new rock. The magnetic field of the Earth is not uniformly distributed, and it keeps on changing its location and can develop the weak points.

Presently, magnetic north is lying very close to the North pole, and magnetic south is lying near the South Pole. The magnetic field gets weakened by about 5 percent per century, and as per some observations it suggested that this weakening is happening for at least 2,000 years. In a newspaper which was written by Maxwell Brown and his colleagues who are studying paleomagnetism at the University of Iceland says that a region is present which is weak and is known as South Atlantic Anomaly which lies from South Africa to Chile. This area is meant to be that it might be the potential ground zero for reversal of polarity.

Brown and his colleagues wanted to compare the magnetic field of the present with past. They have focused on two “excursions” which are not involving any global reversal of magnetic north and South Pole. The magnetic field was complex without any specific north and south magnetic pole and the second excursion is the Mono Lake excursion, it marked a very weak magnetic north and south.

The field which is present now is not weak as it was there in the case of Laschamp or Mono Lake excursions. Brown and co-authors said that the significant excursion is possible which requires a lot of little nucleus points which is present in the globe. As per researchers, if their research is right, the magnetic field of the Earth will not reverse, but South Atlantic Anomaly sometimes caused electrical failures on satellites.


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