Alexa, Amazon

Amazon is trying to make it possible for everyone to make their own Alexa skills with its all-new Alexa Skill Blueprints program. That means that it is now going to be immensely easier than ever before to get Alexa to say whatever the user wishes.

Of course, the third-party Alexa skills have been prevalent for years, but in the actual sense, writing one still meant that the user had to possess a fairly good knowledge of computer programming. That is undoubtedly a lot of effort to ask of people merely to get Alexa to roast their family members.

Programming Alexa is as comfortable as filling in a couple of blanks with the new Blueprints. To begin, one requires moving to and logging into whatever Amazon account he uses for Alexa. Once the user is logged in, he would be presented with a list of options possible for making his skill. The new “Skill Blueprints” really are more comfortable to use templates for building one’s own Alexa skills.

To build up the skills is easy. The user needs to pick his template and fill out the blanks. Some models are a bit more involved than the rest. For instance, the insult or compliment ones ask the users to fill out a list of phrases that he would like Alexa to randomly select from and pick up a name for the skill, and basically, the trivia games amount to making the inclusion of a list of questions. The rest, such as the babysitter blueprint, is much more complicated; there are fields for things such as daily schedules, allergies and medications, emergency contacts, and where to find things in the house.

The different storytelling tools have a fully interactive text editor, complete with sound effects and fill in the blank fields that require being included separately. After the blueprint-generation skill is finished, the user needs to click the “create skill” button for finalising.


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