In a new development, the neutrino detector Super-Kamiokande whose size is about the 15 storey building which was buried under the mountain in Japan. The instrument was placed under 1,000 meters under the Mount Ikeno in Japan.

Super-Kamiokande is said to be a  neutrino detector. Neutrinos are said to be sub-atomic particles which can travel through space and can pass the solid matter as though the air. When the particles are studied, it helps the scientists to detect the dying stars. They get to learn about the universe in more detail manner. As per a source, some scientists have said about the giant gold chamber which is present in the instrument, and it works along with having the dangers of conducting the experiments which are inside it.

These neutrinos are said to be very hard to detect so that the Neil deGrasse has dubbed them as the most elusive prey in the cosmos. A video which has posted on the website shows that the detection chamber is buried deep within the earth to stop the other particles from getting in.

According to Dr Yoshi Uchida, who is from Imperial College London said that the matter which poses no obstacle to the neutrino could pass through the hundred light years of steel without even getting slow down. If there is a supernova, then the star will get collapse into itself, and it turns into the black hole. If this happened in the galaxy, then it will be like Super-K and it one of the very few objects that can see the neutrinos from it.

When the stars started to collapse it shoots out the neutrinos and Super-K acts as an early warning system, and it helps us to look at the dazzling cosmic events. As per Dr Uchida, the back of the envelope calculations said that it is going to be about once in every 30 years in which the supernova will get explodes in about the sort of range in which the detectors can see.


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