Antarctic ice core

The ice sheets that we see in Antarctica are like a uniform landscape which is the right place for penguins, seals and other cold regions animals. As per the new study by the researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Maine suggest that they have found the oldest continuous ice records which date back to million years ago.

The research which was published and the published paper shows that the researchers have found the ice which is about 200,000 years back and it contains that much of data which is worth to the previous oldest ice core on record which was about 800,000 years old.

The layers which were present in Antarctica usually work as geological time capsules. These ice cover are capable of capturing the bubbles of air which can be dated and analysed by the researchers, and it can give the idea of what the climate look like since hundreds of thousands of years ago. The ice cores of the Antarctic which have been used to prove the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which was from the industrial activity and that led to the climatic change.

In 2017, researchers have found an ice sheet which is dated back to 2.7 million years ago on the continent and in the 2016 year, the researchers have also found a chuck of ice whose time is also dated back to millions of year. The researchers have found this ice when they have drilled the surface to the cores, but the cores were not continuous at the time.

To find out the ice cores which works like a continuous vertical timeline, the research team has camped out at Allan Hills Blue Ice Area which is situated at the southern part and is about the halfway which is between the east and west split. This is the place where other ancient ice cores have also found. It is windy, and it receives less than a centimetre of snow per year and before the snow can get accumulate the winds blow away the ice and it exposes the blue ice on the ground.

The research team hopes that when they start drill at that spot, they could find more information about the Earth’s ice ages which is about millions of years ago and it gets shifted from every 41,000 years to every 100,000 years.


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