exoplanets, earth like planets

In a new study, it said that there is some evidence about the two exoplanets that are known to us and they are like Earth. For this reason, they might have got regular seasons and climates just like Earth.

The name of the exoplanet is Kepler-186f which is present outside of the solar system. It was discovered in the year 2014 along with the other exoplanet Kepler-62f which was also considered as the Earth-like planet. Both of these planets are present at a right distance from the host star, and they can also have water on their surface.

This new study has added some clues about these two exoplanets which are like Earth-like. The researchers who are studying these planets said that their axial tilts might also be same as that of Earth. They have run the simulations which shows that the exoplanet’s spin axis dynamics and the researchers have determined that the Kepler-186f’s axial tilt is said to be quite stable and it is like Earth’s, and it is same in the case of Kepler-62f.

When they are compared to Mars, who has a habitable zone but the axis is unstable, and it varies from 0 to 60 degrees. The Earth’s axial tilt moves mildly between the 22.1 and 24.5 degrees, and all credit goes to Moon which helps in stabilizing the axial tilt. The researchers have no idea about the moons of Kepler-186f or Kepler 62f, but the calculation which they have done shows that both the exoplanet’s spin axis remained constant for 10 million years.

The results of the new study show that these exoplanets have stable climates and have regular seasons. The researchers have summarized that these exoplanets are good candidates to search for life outside the Earth.

TThis study was published in The Astronomical Journal.


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