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Three “Kingdom heart” game is not new to the society, rather, it’s been there since years, and now, it is keeping the world on its toes. And shocking news is. Three “Kingdom Heart” game is coming to the PlayStation 4 exclusively all in one package. The organization has recently declared the secret on its E3 2018 press meeting conducted on Monday night. Isn’t it great guys?

The announcement has entirely startled the audience and takes a new turn. The news was declared for a brief second, which has shown the trailer that featured “Pirates of the Caribbean’s” Jack Sparrow. This news has again raised hope in the audience, and they are expecting more from the game.

The bundle, which is now the hot topic of the town, consists “Kingdom Heart I.5 and II.5 Remix”, “Kingdom Heart III,” as well as the “Kingdom Heart II.8 Final Chapter Prologue”. So, it will be a great way to catch up all the series together without having any confusion on the story. You can clear all your instincts before the arrival of latest title.

Square Enix’s highly frictional and anticipated sequel is all set to rock on the global platforms, which is finally coming down in 2019. The latest reveal will have something special and innovative for the audience such as Monsters Inc, Frozen, Toy Story and Tangled to the new world of Kingdom Hearts, and believe it, the view is wonderful.

Publisher of the game Square Enix debuted the new and creative “Kingdom Heart III” on Sunday’s press conference, which revealed that the Disney’s “Frozen” is coming down to action-RPG. Furthermore, some extra information was also declared like locales and characters of “Aladdin,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “Toy Story,” “The Little Mermaid,” and the “Big Six Hero 6”.

This series has already shipped 24 million and more copies in every nook and corner of the world, and publishers are expecting more from the game. Don’t miss the chance!


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