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Often, you might have heard from various sources that walking twice a day keeps you healthy and disease-free. Isn’t it true? Since birth, healthy advice are everywhere! You would have probably become irritated with the fact of staying healthy, so didn’t take the matter seriously.

However, science said if you wish to stay for longer days without any health problems, walking would be the best option to go with. You are attached to the strict diet plans and workout sessions, but, in the end, walking comes at the top.

If you have an Apple watch, then it would nag you from the optimal state. Though, it’s hard to know what is right for you, but, not impossible. The body has several moving parts about which you are completely unaware of it. Isn’t it true guys? Here is some advice from the scientists who have proved the fact from the study?

A study has been conducted with 50,225 walkers from 11 British population cohorts, which showed that walking is not enough to protect you from health issues.   What matter the most is how speedily you walk.

According to the scientist, walking in a faster manner or at an average pace will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality. Walking slowly will not help you to minimize the risks. Thus, walkers need to focus on their style and speed as well.

One of the famous researchers from the University of Sydney said that slow walkers are more prone to heart diseases, and those who are maintaining an average speed are less associated with heart stroke. Are you searching for the answer how fast you need to walk? Minimum of 6kph, which is around 3.7 mph, is required. You will slightly feel weak and sweaty at the beginning, but, soon everything will fall in the place.



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