Bacon, Alcohol

In a new study, the researchers have concluded that to reduce the risk of cancer, you have to stop eating bacon and stop drinking alcohol. The study said that even small amounts of processed meat could help in raising the risk of cancer. They said that the main reason behind the increase of cancer is red, processed meat or bacon and alcohol.

According to the new guidelines from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and also the part of the ten-point plan which helps in reducing the risk of cancer. The guidelines which are based on the study of more than 50 million people and WCRF said that it is the largest study that has ever done for cancer.

From the 50 million people, about 3.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer. The research has said that there is strong evidence that the consumption of the red meat and processed meat are the main reasons behind the occurrence of colorectal cancer. The study concludes that the eating of the bacon is bad for health and no amount of processed meat is safe for the health. If you got problems for the red meat, then you need to limit your consumption to about 300-500 grams per week. The report said that if you want to minimise the risk of cancer, then you need to stop eating this.

The study also includes the consumption of the alcohol and previously it is believed that the school of thought can enjoy the alcohol in low to moderate quantities and there is no risk to the health. The recent study shows that even in low quantities, you got the high risk of cancer and even casual drinking is bad for you. According to the 2018 study, alcohol is the leading cause of dementia.

The ten-point guidelines give emphasise about the obesity to certain cancers, and in the ten-point plan, the following things are included. These points ask people to be physically active, be healthy weight,  eat diet which are rich in whole grains, fruit and beans, limit the consumption of fast foods, limit the consumption of red and processed meat, limit the alcohol consumption, limit the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, not to use supplements for cancer prevention.


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