YouTube, Dislike Button, Mobs, gear, google, harassment
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As we all know about the harm and potential for abuse of the dislike button. YouTube is also aware now and as per the information, YouTube could someday take steps to make people examine carefully about pressing a dislike button (thumbs down icon). Tom Leung, project managing director at YouTube published a piece of information this week sharing that YouTube is taking a step towards that could stop “dislike mobs” from running uncontrollably. As it can help you to turn down the rating numbers by default, as it will ask a valid reason for dislike, remove the dislike number or remove dislike completely.

Project managing director at YouTube Leung acknowledges that several numbers of ways have limitations. When anyone press the dislike button it eventually asks for a valid reason or in simple words you can say the asks for an explanation and this would create a kind of irritation on top of reducing people down, and eliminating dislikes would be viewed extremely and not very “democratic.”

YouTube, Dislike Button, Mobs, gear, google, harassment
Image Source: One Angry Gamer

The director said that if these are not better than the status question, then YouTube can pass these reforms. He presented discussions at the beginning level to encourage the creators to respond, who have more effective solutions.

YouTube has complete attention toward dealing with this problem when its 2018 Rewind set a record for the maximum dislike, but it is an issue which is growing very frequently for creators as a whole. A huge wave of confusion can not kill video opportunities, but it can reduce the number of recommendations and limit the number of potential viewers of the video. If YouTube does not discuss it, then it may concern the creators that a video on a hot button problem can be pushed by the determined conservatives.

Several numbers of groups vote in a large number of videos, which reduce the number of recommendations they receive and It could result in a lower number of views for a video otherwise it would be received. This major step by YouTube is one of the best steps till now in my point of view. Now if anyone has to press the dislike button then they have to give a valid reason or you can say an explanation for it.

YouTube, Dislike Button, Mobs, gear, google, harassment
Image Source: The Verge

Some options that are being recognized will need to downgrade the video to check a box which states why they decided to do so. There is also a discussion that YouTube can completely remove the down thumb button or you can say dislike button. Leung says that it will not be democratic because all dislikes do not come from mobs. Another method which can also be used by YouTube is that user will have to watch 25% of a video before the dislike button becomes available to be pressed.


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