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From Monday onwards, all the tobacco companies will have to show the statements about the court orders in their websites, and they have warned American consumers about the health risks and addictiveness about the products.

The statements which are issued by the court was on May 1st, and it was a part of 2006 federal court decision, and it has found that the major cigarette manufacturers like Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds had defrauded the public about the risk of their products on their health.

The statements that this website will be showing was about the cigarette brands and they will address on five topics which are about the addictiveness of smoking and nicotine, smoking’s health effects, lack of benefits from cigarettes which are labelled as low tar or light and about the delivery of nicotine which has enhanced by cigarette design and other second-hand smoking health effects. The statements will also be shown in the Spanish language.

The companies that got affected include Philip Morris USA with its parent company Altria, Lorillard and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and Reynolds American owns them.

According to Murray Garnick, who is Altria’s executive vice president and also general counsel said that the industry had changed dramatically over the past 20 years and it includes to become regulated by the FDA, and they get supported. This statement released in October and the measure was announced, and it was focused on the future, and it is with FDA in place which helps in working to develop less risky tobacco products.

The tobacco industry opponents are happy about the move, but they are not satisfied. As per Robin Koval, who is CEO and president of Truth Initiative said that this step as a corrective statement but it would be seen corrective action from the tobacco industry. As per Koval, it also believes that this type of statements will have little impact on keeping the young people from experimenting with cigarettes as the websites are restricted to the users who are under 21 years of age.


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