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Three years ago, Google Assistant was launched, but as we know in the very small span of time, the machine language and a digital helper has rapidly grown its range from Android phone to perform the several tasks such as setting an alarm or playing favorite music to smart TVs, speakers and several others Google Assistant devices for your home. And according to the CES, an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, the Google Assistant devices and Google Home Assistant was about to reach over more than 1 billion products by the end of January 2019.

One of the giant search engine Google sells its own speaker with Google Assistant support under its own Home brand, and if you want to purchase third-party speaker which support Google Assistant then there is no problem because there are several companies which are offering a speaker that have Google Assistant support as well. Although, there are several, numerous Google Assistant devices which you can buy easily.

We have made a list of top and best Google Assistant devices you can buy for your home. A few numbers of devices have the digital helper built-in, but some devices required a Google Home or any other Google Assistant compatible smart devices such as speakers to use its voice commands.

Best Google Home Assistant Devices

1. Nest Thermostat

One of the most excellent Google Assistant devices is the Nest Thermostat. The Nest was formerly set up as a separate supplementary to Alphabet a parent company of Google, but just a few months ago, the Nest team was integrated into hardware unit of Google. The Nest thermostat is developed with keeping in mind that it has to work with Google Assistant, Android app lets you remotely control or you can control through Google Home speaker. Nest Thermostat will give you the many numbers of advantages above the traditional thermostat including adjusting the temperature as per your requirement even when, you are far away from your house and one of the best features is, it can learn your day to day habits to schedule changes accordingly. It only responds to Android app, Google Home or the Nest app.

The Nest Thermostat forerunner Nest Thermostat E, which include many same functions and feature as Nest has but it is available at a lower price tag. Additionally, various utility company gives discounts on the equipment, which will bring your cost down even more lower. Now, it is up to you, that you want to buy it or not.

2. Samsung SmartThings Hub V3

Not every Google Assistant devices are made for the smart home and require a hub device to work. Presently, SmartThings Hub by Samsung is one of the best types of devices and the happiest thing about the SmartThing Hub is that the company has just launched the third generation model of it.

The Samsung SmartThing Hub allows users to control and manage a huge number of Google Assistant compatible devices, such as camera lock, smart plugs for bulbs, robotic vacuum and much more. But the third generation model of the hub does not have the battery backup as the second generation model have. It is the only product to knock for users who need to connect up their Google Assistant device.

3. LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

Smart Bulb can make your home more convenient. Managing the light of your home, even you are far away from home can make the neighbors feel that you are home. As we all get irritated when we go home and could not able to locate bulb switch as there is so dark in the room or house so by controlling remotely you can simply avoid the darkness of the house before entering into it. The best part about the LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb is they do not need or require any type of hub or controller to work. You just have to simply connect to a Google Home speaker to enable its Google Assistant devices support.

Further, LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb can also be connected to Nest products such as Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm sensors identify a fire area, LIFX bulbs will pulse red and later return themselves on to complete brightness.


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