The United States is very close to the 2020 election, and President Donald Trump is not hesitating to criticize his opponent party in every possible opportunity. In a recent development, President Trump put pressure on the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, in a series of tweets. President criticized the forest management system of California and blamed the flawed system for the frequent wildfires in the state. Trump threatened the state government to cut federal fundings for the battle against the fires. 

Image Credit: Fox News

President’s first tweet blamed the Democrat Governor for his ordinary forest management skill. He also revealed his first conversation with the Governer. Previously, I asked the Governer to clean the forest floor, without considering the view of environmentalists, Trump added.

This was the first instance when the President mentioned the wildfire since the late October fire eruption in Kincade. Kincade fire has a devastating impact on the state. The government predicts that fire burned 79,000 acres of forest.

In the follow-up tweet, the President revealed the intention of the Federal government. The federal government is not going to provide any additional help to counter the wildfires, he added. President shares his displeasure about the repetitive wildfire incident in the state, and questions about the cause of these incidents and their high frequency. No other country is prone to wildfire, like California, he said in his tweet. 

How did the Governer respond to Trump’s Remark?

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom relayed the President’s remark in the micro-blogging site. He mocked the President for not believing in climate change. President does not acknowledge the ongoing climate change, so he is excused, replied Gavin Newsom. 

Three days before the incident, Gavin Newsom thanked the President for the federal government’s help. Previously, the Federal Emergency Management Agency helped the state government in a couple of fire burnings in South California. President advised the government to open up water lanes as California needs water desperately. 


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