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In a recent development, the president of US Donald Trump said on Monday that he was giving an order for the creation of the 5th branch of the military. This branch will be focusing on space and critics said that it could harm the Air Force.

As per Trump, who said before a meeting that his National Space Council was not enough to have an American presence in space. We should dominate the space, and we will be having the Air Force and also Space Force. But both of them are different, and it will be happening in the later part.

The United States is said to be a member of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, and this treaty bars the stationing of weapons of mass destruction in the space. It allows the use of the Moon and other celestial bodies for peaceful works. The idea of having a Space Force has been first raised earlier. Trump and the previous administrations have proponents about saying it would make the Pentagon more efficient and equipped it with more power.

This statement or move has been criticised from senior military officials. According to the Air Force Chief of Staff General, David Goldfein has told in a congressional hearing in the year 2017  than to create a new space branch it would move us in the wrong direction. The Air Force was overseeing all the country’s space-related military activity currently. This move will require the budgetary approval of the US Congress> due to this they have been now divided and this was happened due to the idea of having a Space Force.

Democrat, US Senator Bill Nelson said that the president could not rip apart the Air Force as he requires Congress in this field. The spokesman of Pentagon Dana White said that the department’s policy board would be preparing to implement the Trump’s order.


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