Twitter Create New Prototype App Named
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Twitter has created a new prototype app. And luckily, Twitter is launching its new prototype app to the primary group of testers, today. This all, information is provided by Twitter, through a tweet. The prototype app, which Twitter has named “twttr” as a reversion to an original name, and it was first introduced in January at the CES conference. The main reason and objective behind the development of a new prototype app is that Twitter can able to do more experiment and able to get a big space where it can easily perform out its new thoughts and plans of its existing public network, and also able to get great feedback from users, and then Twitter can able to make new features as a result of what it learns.

The main objective behind the “twttr” app is that it will concentrate on making and developing new designs and ideas for conversations. As the company has given a practical explanation at the CES conference, the new prototype app by Twitter will show users several methods for replies, where the conversations themselves are the more round shape and they are indented, so it is easy to follow them. Engagement, sharing possibilities and other tweets descriptions are hidden from the scene to make reading easier through long threads.

And one of the best parts is that the several kinds of replies are color-coded to appoint those from the genuine poster and as well as to those Twitter users, who you have personally followed. The main reason behind this is to provide users amazing visual cues who are willing to follow a long thread where, regularly, side conversations occur or the genuine poster which helps in clarifying particular things or to say something in reply to particular tweets.

In the near future, Twitter might be using the new prototype app for testing other ideas, Twitter wants to make to the product. For example, the company has experimented with the status updates field and ideas surrounding the ice breaker as your pinned tweets to encourage the conversation.

The new prototype app by Twitter is not accepted for everyone Twitter has already informed about that. Around thousands of English and Japanese speakers will likely to be invited, provided they follow rules and regulation laid by Twitter. Despite, according to a non-disclosure agreement, testers will be able to review what they are observing on Twitter itself, which will help and provide several plans to feedbacks.

Twitter Create New Prototype App Named "Twttr", Rolling Out Today
Image Source: TechCrunch

As it is already informed by Twitter that, the first group of testers will receive an email invite in a coming few days. Users have to click on the given link in the email because by doing this, they will able to confirm their participation, then participants have to wait for the next email invite which has been sent by Apple’s TestFlight.

Just after performing these steps, testers can now, download the new prototype app launched by Twitter and can use the new prototype app rather than a previous old Twitter app, using the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo, tweeting about the new look. The testers can also submit feedback through online forms.

The new prototype app named “Twttr” developed by Twitter has already appeared in the network environment before the present announcement, but it had not launched in huge numbers at that time as compared to present roll out.

After so many years, Twitter is still finding the right and best way to improve conversation on its platform. Twitter is not only facing challenges to follow, speaking blindly, Twitter usually delegates the power to a lower level in trolling and abuse. Trying to deal with some other changes in the product, from the reporting processes to the latest development of Twitter, the “hidden tweet” button.

Many people are thinking that the new prototype app by Twitter is going to remove the issues around online abuse, but, it is wrong, prototype app is not going to help ongoing issues like abuse, immediately. Although as a side effect of redesigned conversation threads, vulgar comments that contribute to rather of reducing from an online conversation could be completely highlighted, possibly.

But importantly the prototype app developed by Twitter will mainly be focused on product changes where the feedback of the users is important, to help and improve the design of conversations.

In January, Twitter director of product management Mr. Sara Haider said, “The spirit of the [prototype testing program] is: can we just develop more in the public and bring people in earlier?,” “We need more signal in the development process.”

An Email sent by Twitter has clearly mentioned that the app will be “very much a work in progress.” “This test builds will not always have all the functionality you’re used to, and you’ll see some things appear — and maybe disappear.”

There is no reason to worry if, testers have not, click on the link sent by Twitter, yet. As Twitter has told that you can still do it.


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