The latest report given by the European Space Agency has informed that the uncontrolled Chinese space station Tiangong-1 may hit the Earth sometime between 31st March to 2nd April. But till now it is not sure where the space station will come down.  Tiangong-1, also called as the Heavenly Palace-1 was launched in 2011. The space station has 2 modules, one is a habitable experimental module and another one is a resources module. It has two sleep station. On 2nd November 2011, it witnessed its first orbital ducking with an unmanned Shenzhou spacecraft.

However, the space station ceased working in March 2016 and the ground team lost control over the space station. Previously, the Chinese space agency informed that the space station will perform a controlled reentry moving toward the Pacific Ocean. But, later the agency confirmed that it will make an uncontrolled entry. Even though, the space station will break apart while making an entry into the atmosphere but some of its parts will survive in reentry.

As per the information given by the ESA, the 34.1-foot long space station will re-enter the atmosphere between 43rd north and south parallels, which covers London to Wellington. The agency also stated that it will not harm any human as the debris of Tiangong-1 will land in the ocean and many parts of the space station will burn up while driving into Earth’s atmosphere. The ESA stated, “It will mostly burn up due to the extreme heat generated by its high-speed entry through the atmosphere.”

Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, Twitted “Tiangong-1 now 199 x 218 km orbit; down 4 km since yesterday. Still looks like Apr 1 to 2 is the best bet, but plus or minus a couple days.” Now, scientists are waiting for the day to see where it will land. If anything happens wrong then China will pay for any damage caused by the space station.


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