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iPhone 6s the phone that changes everything, it was a legend in 2015, the performance and the features of the phone amazed everyone four years back. The live photo and many other features of the phone made it talk of the town. One more feature that added by Apple in the phone is 3D Touch technology also become much famous. 3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive feature, capacitive sensor integrated into the iPhone’s display to sense three degrees of pressure in a user’s touch and respond differently based on the amount of pressure exerted.

But now it is to be said in a report, that Apple is going to ditch this technology in the upcoming iPhones of 2019. According to the British investment bank, Barclays asserted that the Cupertino Company is going to adopt the Haptic Touch that is introduced by Apple in the iPhone XR release in 2018. Now Apple is completely replacing the 3D Touch in its all upcoming iPhones including iPhone 11 that is expected to release by the end of 2019. The technology is cheaper than its previous technology of 3D Touch. It has been claimed by the Barclays team in the last year of August, in which it has been said that the feature “will be eliminated” from all iPhones released in 2019.

Haptic Touch is completely different from 3D Touch, the Haptic Touch works in a different compared to the 3D Touch. Haptic Touch enables users to feel clicks, vibrations and other tactile input.  The Haptic Touch provides the user with 22 kinds of touch sensation. It needs to do a long press for the completion of the particular program, that slow down the process. The question emerges now is that why Apple is declining the premium feature in the premium and latest iPhone. What if the fans do not like as they are more familiar than the 3D Touch. Stay tuned with us for more information and latest updates.


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