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A report by Los Angeles Times says a gynecologist of the University of Southern California was allowed to go for practice despite having multiple complaints of misconduct. George Tyndall, the gynecologist, have complaints of inappropriately photographing students genitals, commenting inappropriately against patient’s bodies, refer to sexual intercourse by inserting his finger in patients genitals.

The University of California has revealed about a two-year-old investigation about a former gynecologist after finding out that he has made sexually and racist comments and have done pelvic exams. According to the USC President Max Nikias, who has acknowledged the complaints against the doctor in the form of a letter from the students, alumni and faculty members. Then an investigation by the Los Angeles Times reported about the investigation which is dated back. This newspaper is investigating Dr. George Tyndall for many months after getting university’s acknowledgment.

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As per Nikias, who is the School’s Office of Equity and Diversity had received a complaint against the Tyndall in June 2016, and after that, he has started the investigation. The investigation is carried out by including about 2,500 students patients, and in that time he has placed Tyndall on administrative leave. USC has terminated his service in June 2017.

Tyndall, who is 71 now, worked at university’s student health clinic for nearly three decades by treating tens of thousands of female students and many of them are seeing a gynecologist for the first time in their life. The first complaints against him came when he used a camera during a pelvic exam. His assistant questions him about the reason and motivation behind his photography of the pelvic region.

In the year 2000, about three students have submitted letters of complaint about him for inappropriate touching and remarks. USC on Tuesday revealed that it had got eight complaints against him between the year 200 and 2014.

The investigators of the UGC had chosen to manage this internally. The director has brought one complaint about the racist in front of the Office of Equity and Diversity in the year 2013. The evidence that they get from this seems to be not enough as some of the students say for him by saying “they loved him” and some others say against him by saying “creepy,” as per USC summary of facts. According to the university, Tyndall has defended his practice by saying this is appropriate.


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