Vive focus 2.0

HTC is scheduled to launch the Vive Focus System Update 2.0 later this week, and the company has added some extra features to the headset. An app which is said to be the companion app for HTC smartphones will also be coming to bring smartphone-to-headset functions to the Vive Focus.

HTC is going to share some interesting new updates for the Vive Focus at the company’s Vive Ecosystem Conference 2018 in China. The headset ability to stream the PC VR applications to the headset it has also had the 6DOF controller mode and also gestures input, which was announced by the System Update 2.0 for the Focus.

The new Focus Users update brings “Passenger Mode” which will be offering an additional hour of battery life which is about 4 hours. According to the HTC, the company has taken this feat as an achievement by disabling the headset’s 6DOF tracking, and it allows to function as simple as 3DOF headset and help in reducing the processing workload. This can add benefit to prevent the movements of the car or plane from throwing off the headset’s tracking.

This new update also offers the pass-through video mode which is double tapping the power button which allows the users to peer through the Focus front-facing cameras to see what is around them and it is done without removing the headset. This system Update 2.0 allows the users to install the applications directly to the microSD card by inserting into the headset. The company has said that the card can support up to 2 TB and this amount of storage can overthrow the Oculus Go which comes in only 32 GB and 64 GB size without any memory expansion.

The update also makes way for the range of smartphones to headset features. Users can use a headset to answer calls from the phone directly on the headset and can able to see text messages and other notifications from social media. HTC’s new U12+ can mirror the phone’s display into the Focus, and it allows the users to view and use the existing applications inside the headset, but it is not clear till now that users can able to control them with input from the headset or not.


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