Image Source: The Verge

The users of Samsung S10 is complaining about a weird problem that is occurring in the new device of Samsung. The problem is ununderstandable according to users as they justified about the problem that a single application hanged and needed a closing of all the apps that locked the complete handset and required a reboot in some conditions. The problem is occurring in many units and the user is getting confused about the problem as they are spending a lot on the latest device of the company and it not seems justified.

However, according to the Samsung, the company reported in a statement that the problem is occurring only with the third party app said, The most common complaint going around right now is a freezing issue with third-party apps. Apps like Twitter and Nova Launcher seem to be most affected, but the problem isn’t limited to these apps. We’ve had Twitter hang on our devices here at SamMobile as well, and since the app didn’t get an update in the Google Play Store recently, the phone’s software update is no doubt the culprit.

It is to assume that the problem is occurring in the software and will untangle with the software update of the device. Yes, of course, it is very easy for Samsung to reannounce the alterations through an over the air update and further they also patch them and push an additional short stability update to S10 users.

Image Source: The Verge

As we all know that if it had been a hardware problem, then it would be much earlier in the lifespan of the headset. And now you have much time for checking any latest update that had been introduced in the short period of time. I would like you to tell that the update which appears to be a big problem for all of us is known as XXU1ASE5.







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