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The store manager of Jet City Device belongs from Chicago Neal Dexter, wants to share some information with you. The information is related to the question that frequently running in your mind about your iPhone. He is going to share the reason for cracking the screen that is noticed more now than ever before. He indirectly points out the manufacturer that they are not making them like they used to make. According to him as the size of the smartphones is increasing as attenuated they become. He said “super fragile and easy to break” he added, “The new ones are so delicate”.

It is to be said that the smartphone market is struggling as they are witnessing a limited growth. The consumers are finding its difficult to even think about the flagship smartphones. As the price of smartphones is at their peak, the price of the phones started increasing in the year 2017 and 2018. Nowadays, you can get a premium topline smartphones of Samsung and Apple start at $900 to $1,100. The rush for iPhone 7s has been noticed in the UBreakifix and other stores that had released in the year of 2016.

Justin Wetherill, the CEO of UBreakifix says “It’s super popular right now,” for repairs. It is because the people are ready to spend an amount of $86 to get it fixed where Apple is fixing it that costs $149. The question that emerges in the mind of people is where to get their smartphone fixed. Apple is a trusted brand but it is far costly, while other repair shops are cheaper but the customer can not trust them completely. Some repair shops are also not providing the facilities that the consumer need in actual.

As the owners of Apple’s latest flagship phone iPhone XS Max, they don’t have many options if some mishappening happened with their smartphones. One of the most independent stores also includes Ubreakifix does not repair fixing the issue of iPhone XS Max because they have some problem with the wholesale cost of the glass. While Apple is taking care of your broken screen if you are ready to spend money around $329 of your XS Max if you have Apple Care. Apple Care is an Apple warranty program that costs you $200 and gives you a warranty for two years, it also added $29 deduct for getting the screen fixed.

According to the dealer like Dexter paying money for the insurance is like getting your money wasted completely as he said: “It’s not cost-effective to get Apple Care,”. Something same find by a Virginia based blogger and also a former repair who stated: “It’s always cheaper to get a repair.” To prove this statement we can take it as an illustration that Apple Care costs you $129 for iPhone 8 released in 2017 and repair of the phone with the deduction of $29 take the total to $158 and there are repair shops like UBreakifix costs you only $86 for complete fixing of iPhone 8. It seems something like choice and statement are proving right.

In the case of the latest model of the iPhone, the criteria are different is you have to get your phone repair, it is not simple like the ordinary repair shop that you give your phone at the shop and pick it when it gets ready. If you are going to get your phone fix by Apple you have to take an appointment from the Apple store before it. You have to suffer from the heavy crowd and have to explain why your phone gets a repair under Apple care. The price that Apple charges for the topmost phones are $329 for the XS MAX, $279 for the XS and X and $199 for XR.

However, the Senior Vice President of Apple said that the durability of the XS and XS MAX are longer while introducing the phone in the year 2018, he said ” the most durable glass ever in  a smartphone.” Later Apple refuses to state this statement true. The thing is also that it is not important for the people to check the durability of the glass, if they secure their phone it will really prove itself last long. If the consumer uses protection their phone and tries to prevent them by breaking it also prove better for the life of the phone.

Brain Caponi a dealer running a repair shop in Highland Park, Illinois says: ” I tell every person they walk out of here to get some form of screen protection.” He added, ” And a good, really strong case, not something flimsy with cute colors, but something that actually protects the phone.” A consumer just has to spend $50 for good tempered glass and almost the same for a good strong case. It means you can save your $1000 thing just within a money spend of $100 to $120.

It is to be said that the Apple and Samsung manufacturer will continue trying to load their new phones with the new features but the customer really worries for the screen damaging. Ubraekifix shop owner said:” They don’t want to make that Kind of Phone,” “Then people would stop upgrading. The more phones break, the more opportunities they have to sell new phones.” Once Apple CEO Tim Cook neglect that Apple made long lasting phones, He said: “We do design our products to last as long as possible,” he said. “Some people hold on to those for the life of the product, and some people trade them in, and then that phone is then redistributed to someone else. I’m convinced that making a great product that is high quality is the best thing for the customer and we work for the user, and so that’s the way that we look at it.”

It is like everyone is proving their side correct some people like Dexter that are giving a reasonable reason to not give extra money for warranty, where the manufacturer is thinking about their profit completely. And some are Brian Caponi according to them take care of your phone by yourself it doesn’t cost you much. It all depends on your pocket.


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