WHO, Trangender

In a new development, WHO has officially announced that the being a transgender is not a mental illness anymore. This announcement has come on Monday in the 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) catalog. In this, the gender incongruence in which the people whose gender identity is different from the gender that they are assigned at birth has been moved out of the mental disorders whose chapter are into the organization’s sexual health chapter.

Starting from the year 1992, the organization has issued a major revision in its international manual for the first time. The codes that are issued by ICD are being used by the countries which determine where to invest resources and how well they have set to certain insurance billing standards.

As per agency, it says that there is enough evidence which suggests that being a transgender is no more mental illness and it classifies it as a cause of enormous stigma for them who have identified themselves as transgender. This move will be reducing the social stigma, and they ensure access to the remains for the necessary health interventions.

This change will be presented at the World Health Assembly, which is a WHO’s legislative body in the year 2019 and it will be coming to effect on January 1st,2022.  The WHO said that the main aim is to improve the social acceptance and it is among the transgender people, and they still make the important health resources which were available.

As per Dr. Lale Say, who is the coordinator of WHO’s Adolescents and At-Risk Populations team said that it has been taken out from the mental health disorders and because we had got a better understanding which was not a mental health condition and it leaves it there which causes stigma. To reduce this stigma, we need to ensure to intervene in the health which was placed in a separate chapter.  This move by WHO was praised by LGBT group.


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