Social Anxiety, Anxiety, Stress

Social anxiety disorder is more than that of the feeling of shyness and clumsiness. It is a type of mental illness that can certainly disturb anyone’s regular flow of life by making the regular tasks and responsibilities more hectic and tiresome.

According to Larry Cohen, chair of the National Social Anxiety Center, “when a person is suffering from social anxiety, he or she can experience it so seriously that it can actually inhibit all their pursuit of life goals, stops people from getting into healthy relationships, completing their studies and school, being self-assured, or staying in the public places for long periods.”

The mental health experts are trying their best to help in dispelling the notion that the social anxiety is simple to overcome as shyness. People who are suffering from social anxiety disorder also suffer in silence. No one can know a person is suffering from this disorder other than the patient’s friends and family. Only the close members can know the person is suffering or else it is unknown to the other people. These days, the rate of youth getting into social anxiety and depression has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Some numbers are listed below that can help you understand the full scope of social anxiety disorder:

15 million: Around 15 million American adults are suffering from anxiety and depression association according to the American studies and research team. Social anxiety disorder is considered as the second most commonly suffered problem in the United States related to anxiety.

13 years old: This disorder can develop at any certain age, and the usual symptoms of it occur around the age of 13.

66 percent: It is estimated that around 66 percent of the total population diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder will suffer from some of the other types of mental health problem.


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