Window 10 Update | Data-Theft Bug In Window 10 Update | Do Not Install

A few weeks ago, Microsoft started providing Window 10 October 2018 datesUpdate, version 1809, for Windows users who manually check for the updates. After installing the Window 10 Update, many users report that installing the Window 10 update is causing severe Data loss: permanent deleting the Pictures, folders and useful Documents.

This Window 10 update is causing data loss: pictures, documents etc. the some of the reports on Microsoft forums and Reddit do not have any apparent commonalities, and people report seeing only one affected system among many when upgraded. The Microsoft need to investigate before the fix can be developed.

Microsoft says if any user is affected by the Window 10 update users can directly contact the company, and if the user manually downloads the Window 10 update then “Please do not install it until the new Window 10 update is available.”
Some of the users also complaining about the Microsoft Edge browser and the Window store app have been unable to connect to the internet after the Window 10, 2018 update and some user reports the data loss issue in the Window 10 update.

Data-Loss Bug In Window 10 Update

Window 10 Update | Data-Theft Bug In Window 10 Update | Do Not Install

A Data-Loss bug is risky for our System and is an awful bug that Microsoft could send, for rarely backup home users, at any rate, they’re more regrettable even than a security defect. Who needs malware and hackers to delete or theft our data when the operating system does it for you. This bug is specific to raise new questions about Microsoft’s testing, the pace of delivering updates, and dependence on the Insider Program to discover and report such Bugs. Making this worse is that the bug appears to have been reported. Various reports in Feedback Hub, Microsoft’s bug-reporting tools for Windows 10, complain of data -loss after installing preview release. None of the bug reports seems to have many upvotes, and the stories are generally lacking in detail. So just as with the more recent reports, they make it difficult to pin down the cause. But it’s evident that, at the very least, something was going wrong and that it was important enough that it should have been investigated and addressed.


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