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From so many years Apple is selling iPhones in India, but still, the company is trying to come in the first place and trying to make a hole in the second largest smartphone market in the world. In my thinking, the main reason behind Apple failure is the huge price tag.

As per information was given by the firm Counterpoint, the top brands Xiaomi and Samsung are in the top list of maximum purchased smartphones in India in the month of July, August, and September of 2018, Xiaomi collects 27 percent out of smartphone market and Samsung collects 22 percent out of the smartphone market, individually.

Image Source: Phone Arena

If we take a small look at Apple, it only makes 1%(One) of the smartphone market in India. Hunting behind Chinese smartphone brands such as Vivo and Oppo.

  1. The Main Reason Xiaomi Leaves Apple Behind It In India Is

1.1 Xiaomi Come Up With Its Foldable Smartphone Concept In Its New Teaser:

Apple is one of the major smartphone manufacturers who is running to be the first smartphone company to make or develop first foldable display phone. Royale smartphone brand has recently debuted the first commercial foldable smartphone in the world and Samsung said to shortly follow. But now, Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin newly announced a tablet-sized phone which will have a foldable display phone on an individual side. As shown in the new teaser video.

Xiaomi’s foldable display smartphone will automatically adjust to feature itself in the focus display screen when we fold display phone when the sides fold toward each other, and as we can see in the teaser, smartphone come up with a power button on the top middle throughout landscape mode. Although the model is a preliminary version of a device. As the co-founder and president, Lin Bin wants the smartphone to be comfortably accessible like the normal smartphones.

Post by Lin Bin, Bin began the form factor “perfectly merges the experience” of a smartphone and tablet. Bin also began the company “will consider mass producing it” if he gets an accurate and useful response online. As per the report, Xiaomi will declare the smartphone name either Mi Dual Flex or Mi MIX Flex.


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