The executives of the YouTube have announced the updated version of the YouTube Music which will be replacing the Google Play Music. The company has announced in the interviews with Recode, USA Today and CNET, that they are launching a new YouTube Music on Tuesday and user can subscribe to it with $10 packages.

Google Play Music, which is the company will soon stop another subscription streaming music service. The company has promised to reduce the gaps that exist between the two services in a briefing, and it said that the members of the Google Play Music would not lose the features they have subscribed which includes cloud-based MP3 storage locker.

The company has said that the YouTube Music will cost $10 per month. The new YouTube Premium, which will bundles Music with the original shows and will have an ad-free viewing of YouTube Red will cost #12 per month.

YouTube, YouTube Premium

YouTube which is the biggest online video streaming site, and has about 1.8 billion accounts who sign in each month. The users sign in to the YouTube to listen to music rather than watching random videos as music videos are ranked highest among all the videos. This ranking shows that it is one of the biggest single sources of listening music online.

The main focus of the company is now on making it personalized by allowing the music videos to play in the background in favor of the audio. The company is tieing up with Google Assistant AI and taking the help of the YouTube history to suggest the videos to the users.

Lyor Cohen, who is the YouTube’s head of music said, “YouTube, in general, is where most music is consumed. If there were ever a company that could build a successful subscription business, it would be YouTube.”

The company is going to launch its news updated YouTube Music App service in the US, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. YouTube confirms the Music Premium service will launch on May 22nd, 2018, at $10 per month. All Google Play Music subscribers will get access to the membership automatically, and they can access all the purchased music, playlist and uploads. It also changes it’s my screen by adding the preferences, current time, history and location. YouTube Premium allows users background listening, can download for offline and remove the ads.


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