Image Source: The Esports Observer

Finally, the wait is over and the moment has come for which are waiting for as Youtube is going to close its superior gaming portal that is attached with from last four years. Now YouTube is going to merge its gaming portal with the original platform. The previous date of logging off with the main Portal decided in the month of March but missed it in the particular month. Now Youtube Gaming brings to end from May 30th, it is to be said that the people that visit on the page will be transferred on the new channel. It is to be said that the app will be also closed.

While Youtube is announcing about closing its dedicated portal and transferring the visitors to the new channel on the Google support page, they stated “We want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community that thrives on YouTube, not just the YouTube Gaming app,”

But there is also not so good news for the users of Youtube gamer that they can’t take along their saved or viewed that have stored from years. It is to be said by YouTube that it is nearly unmanageable to redirect the games that have been saved on the site and advice to visitors to merge the subscription of both YouTube Gaming and Normal Youtube.

The Youtube gaming star who is associated with Youtube since 2009 named Luke of Kwings Lets Play says that he is afraid of the new changes as it will lead the gamers to the puzzle as his own channel was getting a lot benefits from the standalone sites. He told Engadget, “wrote Luke in a direct message to Engadget.

Image Source: The Esports Observer

YouTube Gaming had introduced in the year of 2015, the main motive of the channel was to become a famous live streaming channel same as Twitch, considered as the giant of live streaming. The preferred site had an entirely different appearance and experience from Youtube, serving mainly to the fans who are using PC and Console. The site tries to show the new rising characters and frequently tasks with new specifications under the spotlight. The methods behind the recommendations and especially showing videos all over the site generates more visitors promoting their work.

The Twitch is continuing ruling the live streaming market find in a report by the Newzoo(Game analytics company). If we go into the depth of the details we get to know that the Platform owned by Amazon has witnessed around 64,000 users leading 1.9 million hours of the live streaming content that all in the starting of the year. that is quite amazing and also show the potential of the site. While YouTube Gaming had around 22,000 user that generates 460,000 hours of the live content. There is a stark difference between both of the sites. After the number, there is no doubt left why Twitch is dominating the live streaming market. The site is just gathering a huge number of visitors that are quite appreciable, but the work of YouTube gaming is also admirable.



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