YouTube, Google play

Google on Thursday has announced about the YouTube Music, to get music fans to pay for the unlimited streaming. This announcement is said to be a new challenger in online music streaming space. This new service will be launching on May 22nd, 2018 by Google.

Google had named the new service as the ad-free YouTube subscriptions, and YouTube Red will be known as YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium will be now Google’s Primary subscription service for the ad-free YouTube, and you can also access the original shows and movies.

The new YouTube music is not yet available, but the leak screenshots of the service show us that it will be working like Spotify. One can use this service to browse the songs albums, can save them to the library, can search the trending music and can explore the playlists.

YouTube, Google play

According to the Pitchfork, it reported by saying that YouTube Music will be using the Google Assistant who will help the user to recommended the songs which are based on the users listening habits which will also include the time and location of the user. YouTube Music Premium will cost $10 as a standalone service which will be an ad-free and will come with the background playback and downloads.

YouTube is now developing the database of the TV shows, and movies and most of the shows are not big budget movies. The future release of the new series includes Best Shot which is a documentary produced by Lebron James and stars Jay Williams. Another series is Origin, which s a drama starring Harry Potter actor Tom Felton and Jake Paul talk show.

Google said in a statement that it is offering YouTube as the free service but for some users who will be paying some small amounts to avoid the disruptive ads. When they pay, there the YouTube Premium comes, and like YouTube Red, the new premium service will be blocking all the ads which are shown on the YouTube. The other feature of the YouTube videos is it will be running in the background even if you have navigated away from the app or even you have to turn your display off. Even after this, you can able to listen to audio from the video that you are watching. It will also allow the user to download their favourite videos.


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