YouTube, Improvements

Many users are using the YouTube for not videos but also as music-streaming service. YouTube Music is the company’s first music streaming offering, and it is said to be a great experience. It is like Google Play Music which comes with a fresh coat of paint and music videos. The launch of the YouTube Premium is a little bit confusing, but when it has started to roll out to the masses, it seems that there is potential, but a lot of work needs to be done before they can compete with an established player.

The Home screen of the YouTube music shows the groups which are categorised as energy boosters, mellow moods and throwback jams. There are also some sections which show most recently played tunes, recommendations for artists, playlists which are similar to the others, music videos and selection of new releases which are completely based on your listening history. When you sign up in the YouTube Music, it asks you to pick some of your favourite artists from long options, and it helps the service to make the better recommendations for you.

Just beyond the homepage, there are few other tabs which are Hotlist and Library. Hotlist feature keeps the user updated with trending and popular music videos. Some users may not be happy with this feature, but it helps you to keep on top of the biggest trends in music and YouTube continuously update the Hotlist on a regular basis.

The library is said to be the most useful feature as it is the place where you can find all the songs, playlists and albums that you have saved.

YouTube has brought a pricing structure of the service in there is a free, ad-supported version of YouTube Music and a $10 per month ad-free version which is called as YouTube Music Premium and a $12 per month version for YouTube Premium. This premium service includes YouTube Original shows and ad-free viewing on the traditional app.

This new service which was launched by the company is to challenge Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube will be using Google’s AI and search capabilities, and then it will combine with the simple design and promise to make this One True Google Music Streaming Service.


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